Use Your Fans to Spread Your Message

Facebook and market-share researcher ComScore have launched a service called Social Essentials, which examines how people interact with the brands they are fans of on Facebook.

Fast Company analyzes the information from Social Essentials’ first case study, on how fans of Starbucks interact with the company’s social media content.

Although the study focuses on how commercial brands can spread their social media influence, there are lessons to be learned for advocacy groups seeking to spread their messages.

Fast Company notes that because “few fans go to the brand’s page on a regular basis,” it’s important to “engage the most hardcore users with interactions that will ripple through their network’s newsfeed.” 

What this basically means is to engage your best supporters, because they are the ones who will carry your message. Fast Company recommends using shareable content and high-visibility options like check-ins or voting on polls.

When your strongest supporters take these actions or share your content, their friends see those activities on the supporters’ feeds. And because there is, according to ComScore, a “high degree of similarity between the tastes of friends,” you increase the likelihood of spreading your messages and gaining new supporters.

Links: The full Fast Company analysis and the entire ComScore report

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