Women Are the Majority of Immigrants

Women Are the Majority of Immigrants in the U.S.: Ethnic Media Seizes Upon the Story

A newly released poll shows that the majority of immigrants in the United States are not bachelors looking for work wherever they can get it. Nor are they the ones constantly feeling from INS raids.  In fact the majority of immigrants are invisible. The majority of these, 51%, are women and they come primarily from Latin America.  Most are engaged in taking care of families – other people’s families and their own as well, since most are heads of household.

The ethnic media has been all over the story since it’s release this month thanks to New America Media, a coalition of ethnic media that focuses coverage on immigrants from Latin America, Asia, and Africa.

The survey, conducted by Bendixen & Associates paints a picture of the immigrant community that is contrary to the traditional stereotype. The poll extrapolates diversity in terms of immigrants’ home of origin: Latin American, 53%; Asian; 27% Europe 16% and; African 4%. Most of the women surveyed are employed well below the status of the professional work they did in their home countries. Major challenges include lack of health care and low pay. Overwhelmingly, all immigrant women believe they have been discriminated against because of racism and that hate crimes in the U.S. are on the increase. Theirs is a new and compelling story that changes the face of the immigrant community in America. It is time to put the stories of these women front and center in media coverage and the debate over immigration policy. 

Rita Flynn

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