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Use Your Fans to Spread Your Message

Facebook and market-share researcher ComScore have launched a service called Social Essentials, which examines how people interact with the brands they are fans of on Facebook. Read more…

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Vietnam Reporting Project's New Website

This post is from our colleagues at the Renaissance Journalism Center. Read more…

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Why You Shouldn’t Always Embrace Social Media

As more and more nonprofits embrace social media, there is a temptation to dive in head-first and immediately place a very large emphasis (and time commitment) in the area.

This may not be the best course of action for nonprofits, according to one of care2’s latest blog posts. Read more…

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Twitter and Journalists

Fresh on the heels of Facebook’s launch of resources for journalists, Twitter has created Twitter for Newsrooms. The new section on Twitter’s website shows reporters how to use Twitter to find topics and sources, as well as how to publish stories and engage with their audiences.  Read more…

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Social Media Tips for Nonprofits

by Susan Boerstling

The Chronicle of Philanthropy is a trusted source of information for the nonprofit world on philanthropic topics. They recently conducted a webinar on social media campaigns. A few of the many tips that I picked up include: Read more…

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Who’s Talking on Twitter

A recent study by researches at Yahoo! found that while there are millions of users on Twitter and millions of tweets, about half of tweets received by users of the messaging service are written by only about 20,000 users.

The study breaks down the sources from which most Twitter users receive information, and what kind of information they receive. It has important implications for any nonprofit trying to spread its message via the service. Read more…

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Online Chapters: Evaluation
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Online Chapters: Graphics and Materials

 This is the second in a series of three blog posts on several chapters of the Communication Consortium Media Center’s book, “Strategic Communications for Nonprofits,” that are only posted online. The chapter now posted is titled: Producing Effective Graphics and Materials [pdf]. Read more…

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Nonprofit Newsletters

Kivi Leroux Miller, a nonprofit marketing expert, writes about email newsletters in her latest blog post. Miller poses the question of whether or not newsletters are a waste of time for nonprofits, both for them to produce and for their supporters to receive. Read more…

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“Posted Chapters” of CCMC Communications Guide Detailed

CCMC listed “lost” chapters in the final section of its 2008 book, Strategic Communications for Nonprofits. They were only summarized in the guidebook. The three online-only chapters will be outlined in this blog post and two others to follow. Read more…

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