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State of the Media Report 2014

Is Social Media Trustworthy?- Guest Blog by Itzel Laurel

As the rate of social media use rises among the population, this medium has increasingly become a priority for the success of traditional media. Read more…

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Is There a Place for Native Advertising in Journalism?

The digital world is redefining how we communicate. In an ever-changing media climate, for journalists and communicators, remaining relevant requires a multi- channel, strategic approach. Read more…

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A Toolkit for Citizen Journalists

The Communication Intitiative Network's media development section presents a wealth of resources for communicators in the development sector. One of its recent posts is a toolkit from the International HIV/AIDS Alliance. The toolkit "intends to help citizen journalists around the world increase their impact in giving a local perspective on national and international issues related to sexual and reproductive health and human rights." Read more…

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What Social Media Tools Are Working for Nonprofits?

Nonprofit Quarterly reports on a 2014 study by the Case Foundation that surveyed hundreds of nonprofits about their social media use and how it relates to their outreach efforts.

The article looks at different techniques that are working for nonprofits and how they are best applied. Read more…

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Updating You Website? Make sure your Media News Room is Journalist Friendly

Updating You Website? Make sure your Media News Room is Journalist Friendly

By Henry Griggs

CCMC Co-Founder and now Independent Media Consultant

February 15, 2014

Key features of any nonprofit group’s website are the gateway and content used to serve the needs of working journalists. These elements may seem straightforward enough, but getting them right actually poses some interesting questions. Read more…

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Public Speaking Inspiration

Media and speaking trainer Christine Jahnke maintains a blog and newsletter with tips for how to address common public speaking setbacks. To recap 2013, she took a look at the "Well-Spoken Women of 2013" and what each of them have to say about public speaking. 

Click here to read each woman's advice on Jahnke's blog. 

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People vs. Politics
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Hate Government But Love National Parks

Sally Steenland of the Center for American Progress notes the disconnect between people who "hate government" but love national parks, border security and veterans. 

Click here to read Steenland's piece.

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Nonprofits and the Government Shutdown

The government shutdown's impact is being felt in the nonprofit world. The Chonricle of Philanthropy lists some of the shutdown's effects and how various nonprofit leaders are responding to the setbacks posed by the government's closing.

Click here to read the article.

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2013 KIDS COUNT Data Book: Child Poverty Still on the Rise

The basic yardstick for measuring the health and well-being of America’s children is the annual release of the KIDS COUNT Data Book by the Annie E. Casey Foundation. For more than 20 years the foundation has released national, regional and state-by-state data on 15 key indicators ranging from child care to health insurance. The foundation’s original hope was to alert the public and policymakers to yearly findings which track the status of children in each state and the nation as a whole. Read more…

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